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The American Trail was originally broadcast in 1953 as a 13-part serial. The series chronicles American History, including the exploration and settlement of the American West.

"The American Trail" was sponsored by the VFW Ladies Auxiliary.

Show Title - (13 mp3 Downloads) Broadcast Date - Description Filesize
Dispatch From New York   3.41 MB
Lewis and Clark Expedition   3.18 MB
Louisiana Purchase   3.34 MB
On To Montarey   3.22 MB
Samuel Slators Machine   3.35 MB
The Blue Younder   3.25 MB
The Brave Flag   3.41 MB
The California Gold Rush   3.32 MB
The Golden Ocean   3.32 MB
The Magic Wire   3.34 MB
The New South   3.41 MB
The Northwest Ordinance   3.31 MB
The Rich Desert   3.32 MB

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